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Serving Great Tasting Food in Braintree

MOSAIC Turkish Restaurant offers the flavourous taste of Turkish cuisine with a delightful touch of Mediterranean in Braintree centre! As Mosaic Turkish Restaurant, our goal is to please our dear guests with a tasteful journey through the wonders of the amazing Turkish cuisine with a warm welcome followed by an impeccable service.

Turkish food is about the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean that you find in coastal regions combined with spices and cooking techniques from the Middle East. It’s richly diverse and always super, super fresh with succulent meat bought daily and cooked to perfection and fish straight out of the sea and cooked to order.



Exquisite Fine Dining

Turkish food is a huge part of what makes Mediterranean cuisine special, that’s why Turkish cuisine is fast making a name for itself on the worldwide culinary platform. Every dish is filled with such rich flavours and exquisite tastes that people often keep coming back for more. When looking back at Turkish history the reason Turkish cuisine is been ranked among the top three cuisines in the world can be understood better.

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